The treatment and recovery process for appendicitis

October 17, 2018

Appendicitis is the inflammation of appendix that can be chronic or acute. It results to abdomen pain that may result to a surgery. This medical condition can arise at any time but often occurs between the age group of 10 to 30 years and is more common in males then females. It is important to pay attention to this medical condition because if its left untreated, it can lead to busting of appendix and result to infections.


The treatment for appendicitis varies and in most cases, a surgery is necessary. However, the type of surgery depends on the complications associated with a particular case. If the patient has an abscess that isn’t ruptured, the medical professional may first prescribe antibiotics to the patient. Later he drains the abscess through a tube placed through the skin. After completing the treatment for infection, the patient has to undergo a surgery to remove the appendix. In some cases, urgent surgery is necessary if the abscess or appendix is ruptured.

The doctor may either perform the procedure as open surgery or through a laparoscopy. It is important to note that a laparoscopy is less invasive and requires a short time for recovery. An open surgery may be required if the patient has abscess or peritonitis. Only in rare cases, appendicitis may get better without any surgery. It is only possible if the abdominal pain is minimal and the diagnostic tests are normal.

Recovery after appendicitis

In case of laparoscopy treatment, you are more likely to leave the hospital after a few days of operation. The recovery time for this surgery is shorter because it is less invasive. In case the patient goes through an open surgery or experience other complications like peritonitis, staying in hospital for a weeks may be necessary. The recovery time may be a bit longer if the abdominal muscles need to be cut during the procedure. The patient’s medical condition improves over time and may be relieved by over the counter pain killers suggested by the doctor.

For favorable results, it is important to consult a medical specialist who is experienced to deliver the right treatment for faster recovery. You can find your specialist at the V HeLP Laser Clinic or simply call on 8949576683 to clear all your doubts about appendicitis.

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