Hi, I am Astha Gandhi from Umrat, Gujrat. I am a college girl studying my final year B.A. in one of the famous colleges. I live with my parents while I was on my way to my college from home on my college bus I felt excruciating pain in my private area and fell down inside the bus in a folded manner. I couldn’t bear the pain and was writing with the same till I was taken to a clinic nearby. My parents rushed to Savani Surgical Hospital Surat. Meanwhile, I was made to undergo several tests and the Doctor informed us that I was affected by Fistula due to insufficient flow of blood to my Anus. My Anus muscles had become so tight that I felt completely uncomfortable. It was as though I could not manage even a single day. Dr. Savani recommended a Fistula Laser treatment to get rid of it. Laser treatment worked wonders for me. Not only was the Laser surgery painless, I could recover so quickly that I could attend my semester exams the same month.

Astha Gandhi

Hi. I am Bhavesh Doshi. I am a 56 years old residing in Dabhel, Gujrat, India. All of a sudden I started feeling severe unbearable pain in my Anus region. The pain was so excruciating that I went for a checkup immediately. My Doctor examined me and declared that I had piles. He suggested that Laser Surgery had to be performed on me immediately. I checked with my network of people and did some research on the net. I was lucky enough to locate Amulakh Savani who is the expert in MIPH Treatment for Piles. He is running Savani Surgical Hospital in Surat, Gujrat. I wasted no time once I identified the best Doctor for piles in Gujrat. I traveled to Surat, Gujrat and took MIPH treatment for Piles from Dr. Amulakh Savani. Within a few days, I recovered completely. I felt highly impressed with treatment.

Bhavesh Doshi

Hi, I am Nihit Patel a resident of Surat, Gujrat. I am a 32-years old. Everything was going smooth and life was happier. All of a sudden I started getting troubles with my abdomen. My bowl movements were becoming hard. I could not eat. The pressure on my abdomen was building up every passing day. My friend suggested many home remedies. Suddenly I started seeing blood in my stools every time. Then I went to Dr. Savani, after checking up with me about my symptoms, Doctor said I was suffering from Second Degree Piles. Dr. Amulakh Savani operated for my second-degree piles immediately through Laser surgery  for piles which has rid me of the same. Now I am happy and this happened only because of Savani Surgical Hospital, Surat, Gujrat.

Nihit Patel

I am Abha Adani from Navsari, Gujrat. During a cleaning operation in my house which I got involved in, I had to move heavy things across the hall to another room. I felt something giving up in my bowel region and my private part. I decided to take rest for a while and sat on the couch. I sat again and felt something was underneath. This time I felt a pricking pain and I jumped out immediately. On checking, I found that a huge chunk of flesh was hanging out from my Anus and I could not push it inside. When I went for a checkup to Dr. Savani he said I had exerted myself so much that I had fourth-degree piles. He wanted me to undergo a Laser Surgery immediately since fourth-degree piles cannot be maneuvered otherwise. I underwent a Laser Surgery in Savani Surgical Hospital Surat by Dr. Amulakh Savani. Immediately which helped me get rid of Piles without pain. The recovery time post Laser surgery was absolutely little and again painless. I want to thanks to Dr. Savani from my deep heart.

Abha Adani

Hi, I am Ketan Navnitlal Patel a resident of Surat, Gujarat. I am a 37-years old. I had terrible Pain in anus due to the Fissures and Piles for last 3 year I have done lots of treatment of Aruvedic but pain remained persistent. My Friend Suggested me to go for Dr. A. L .Savani ( Savani Surgical Hospital , Sarthi Complex, Heerabag, Varachha Road, Surat ) I Just Went for opinion but After meeting  DR. A. L. Savani I Immediately took decision and go for LASER ( lasotronix )Surgery . After Operation within 3 days I resumed my Work And I felt very Relaxed. Even Hospital Staff are very supportive.
They motivated me to enhance my Confidence. Even my medical file also prepared very good, my  Mediclaim settled in 4 days for that special thanks to DR. A. L . Savani and Savani surgical hospital Staff.
I suggest everyone who are suffering from Fissure in ano and Piles and any problem related to proctology.
Please go and Consult
Dr. A. L. Savani , he will change your Life Easy. If anyone have any Query regarding Operation please feel free to contact me MY Number : 9099041180 and
(Thanks once again)
With regards from Mr. Ketan N. Patel – Surat.

Ketan Navnitlal Patel