Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

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Pilonidal Sinus Treatment Clinic, Jaipur

V Help Laser  Clinic is giving compassionate care and prompt disease diagnosis and laser treatment of pilonidal sinus. Dr. Hemendra provides advance diagnosis and treatment for the patients having a pilonidal sinus issue. Hospital uses an innovative approach to treat the disease and avoid the reoccurrence of the same condition in future.


 What is Pilonidal Sinus?


It is a narrow stretch that contains a bunch of hairs. It develops beneath the skin within the buttocks just above the anus. Sinus tract goes upwards between buttocks. It forms a skin infection within the buttocks region or at the upper end. It passes blood or pus with lousy odor and offers more pain. The condition is common in males than females. Or those persons who stand or sit for a long time. The sinus leads to disturbance in the body position as it gives more pressure on the back or hip. It also supports the growth of hair in the buttocks region.


Pilonidal sinuses are present in three types as –   


  1. Acute pilonidal abscess
  2. Chronic pilonidal disease
  3. Complex or recurrent pilonidal disease


Pilonidal Sinus Symptoms


Patients with deep contaminations present following symptoms:

  • Moderately elevated body temperature
  • Infection or swelling surrounding the cyst or sore
  • Intense pain or discomfort while sitting or standing
  • Skin becomes red around the sinus cleft
  • Flow of blood or pus with poor smell


Pilonidal Sinus Causes


The fundamental source behind the growth of pilonidal sinus is not known, but following factors contribute to rising of the sinus.

  • Adolescence influences the hormonal balance and increases the sinus
  • Extreme growth of hairs on body
  • Skin annoyances due to tight clothes
  • Continuous sitting for an extended period
  • Absence of personal attention


 Pilonidal Sinus Treatments


  • Laser treatment: The process stops the growth of sinus after some time. It is the painless method requires few minutes to complete.
  • Z Plasty:In this, sinus is excised and wound is closed in z shape manner.
  • Incision and Drainage: Incision and Drainage – The technique eliminates the abscess and drains pus from the sinus.
  • Bascom’s Pit Picking procedure: It is a simple procedure gives less pain and offers fast recovery within a few days. In this, the doctor performs chopping of the infected skin to eliminate the debris from the sore.


 Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery Instructions


  • Do not perform the stressful activities
  • Maintain the hygiene surrounding the anus or sinus cleft
  • Keep the surgical area clean and dry
  • Do not keep the wet dressings on the wound
  • Dry the operated area after bathing and use soft napkins or tissues for it
  • Wear loose clothes
  • Eat nutritious food rich in fibers and vitamins
  • Drink enough water


Myths about Pilonidal Sinus


  • Pilonidal sinus do not require treatment can heal by themselves
  • Surgery prevents the recurrence of the cyst in future


You can contact or visit V Help Laser Clinic and resolve the pilonidal sinus.


Advantages of laser treatment for Pilonidal Sinus over conventional surgical methods

Main Feature Laser Surgical Procedure
Patient Hospital Stay Day care/24 Hours 48 -72 hours
Pain (Post-Operative) Low High
Recovery Time 15 Days 15 to 45 Days
Recurrence Low Low
Complication Low High