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piles treatment

Piles Treatment Hospital, Jaipur


V Help  Laser Clinic, Jaipur is providing excellent clinical and merciful care for piles patients. The clinic has traditional as well as modern laser treatments for Piles. Dr. Hemendra instructs his patient to eliminate the pile’s symptoms with simple remedies and treatments. With this, he discovers a new experience that will set the high outcome of clinical care.


What is Piles or Hemorrhoids?


The hemorrhoids may be present inside or outside of the anal region. “Hemorrhoids” act as supportive cushions, comprised of arteries, veins & tissues. They are present in the anal area, which controls the stooling process. If they get damaged or swelled due to some reasons, then that leads to piles.

In the local language, people call it as a Bavasir. Many factors are responsible for developing the disease. e.g., prolonged constipation or strain during the stooling procedure. The persons having an age of 45 to 65 years are most familiar to develop hemorrhoids. The size and location of piles can vary.


Type of Hemorrhoids/Piles


Internal Hemorrhoids:


More common type is internal piles that are of 2 to 4 centimeter and present just over the opening of the anus. They are of four scales as from Grade I to IV as follows:

  • Grade 1- Develops minor swellings to the inner lining of the anus.
  • Grade 2 – They have noticeable size and extend outward from the anus during bowel action, and reacquire original position.
  • Grade 3 – also known as the prolapsed type and present outside of the anus. The person can feel its presence.
  • Grade 4 – It requires treatment to reposition the enlarged or protruded tissue back to its original state.


External Hemorrhoids:


These type of hemorrhoids present inside the anus, and a person can feel its presence during the bowel movement (when it comes out of the anus). The condition is painful and where the veins become purple or blue.


Piles Causes 


The exact reason behind the development of hemorrhoid is not known. Here are the possible factors causing piles.


  • Difficulty to pass stools due to prolonged constipation
  • Less intake of fibrous food
  • Long time sitting at single place or on toilet seat
  • Rounds of diarrhea makes the inflamed blood vessels
  • Excessive body weight
  • Age and Genetic composition of individual
  • Continuous a cough and cold
  • If the individual went through the rectal surgeries in past years
  • Presence of tumorous tissue growth in pelvis area gives the piles
  • Excess pressure on anus ends in inflamed blood vessels.
  • Pregnant women can acquire hemorrhoids as the developing baby exerts stress on pelvis blood veins and causes the inflammation of the anal blood vessels.


Piles Symptoms


Each person having piles shows different symptom depending on the type of hemorrhoid.

  • Inflammation and feeling of itchiness
  • Due to the pressure created by the blood veins, it becomes hard to pass the bowel promptly and gives sharp pains
  • Constipated stooling leads to the rupturing of blood vessels causes bleeding
  • Person can feel discomfort due to swelling of blood veins and ends with burning sensation


Piles Treatments


People with grade 3 and grade 4 piles demands surgical therapies. Following treatments are available at V HeLP Laser Clinic.


  • Laser Treatment
  • Among many other lasers is the advanced technique best suitable to handle hemorrhoids.
  • The laser is a powerful ray of light can cut, harden the hemorrhoid tissue.
  • The laser-tissue interaction varies with the type of laser. The type of hemorrhoid decides which laser is efficient.
  • They are of three kinds- In situ coagulation, ablation, and excision of piles.
  • In many patients, anyone among this or combination of all is necessary to treat piles.
  • Method requires less operational time, less bleeding and less pain after completion of surgery.
  • MIPH or Stapler surgery
  • It is a minimally invasive technique uses a stapler take around 30–45 minutes.
  • Doctor excise free or prolapsed mucosa and submucosa layer in the rectum and disordered mucosa is arranged by ‘stapled end to end mucosal anastomosis.’
  • It prevents the blood supply supporting the hemorrhoidal artery above the hemorrhoidal tissue.
  • It results in the reversal of prolapsed mucosa backward to its initial location.
  • The method is useful for Grade III hemorrhoids and grade IV hemorrhoids.


  • Rubber- banding ligation
  • In this, the hemorrhoid is tied off at its basal area and cuts the blood flowing towards hemorrhoid.
  • In this, a doctor injects an anoscope (an instrument) into the anus.
  • A device puts a rubber band at the bottom of hemorrhoid. Due to this hemorrhoid shrinks and dies in a week, and falls off.
  • The method is useful in treating grade 1 & 2 hemorrhoids.


  • Hemorrhoidectomy
  • It is surgery performed to eliminate hemorrhoids.
  • It requires general anesthesia surgeon makes the cuts surrounding hemorrhoid.
  • Then closes the enlarged vein in hemorrhoid to avoid blood flow and finally removes hemorrhoid.
  • Incisional area closes with stitches and with surgical gauze wraps the wound.


Prevention of Piles


  • Well planned, fibrous diet can prevent constipation and smoothen the stooling process.
  • The increased amount of water resolves the chances of developing piles.
  • Maintain appropriate or moderate body weight.
  • Perform proper exercises and do not strain to discharge bowel.


Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery Instructions


  • Understand the plus and minus things about surgery.
  • Prior inform the doctor about the medicines you are taking for some reasons.
  • Do not eat or drink anything and empty the colon before surgery.
  • Have a shower on the day of surgery.
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable enough.
  • Do not apply any cosmetics on skin.
  • Use dry dressings to cover the surgical area.
  • You can perform Sitz bath for 3-4 times in a day.
  • Drink moderate level of water and eat fibrous diet.


Myths about Piles


  • Piles can produce colon carcinoma.
  • A person can feel he is the only one who has hemorrhoids.
  • It does not affect youngsters.
  • Having delicious and spicy foods gives hemorrhoids.
  • Sitting on cold surfaces and regular body workouts increase the chances of hemorrhoids.
  • Surgery is only the option for hemorrhoids.


You can contact or visit V HeLP Laser Clinic and resolve the piles issue.


Advantages of Laser Treatment for Piles over Conventional Surgical Methods


Main Feature Laser Surgical Procedure
Patient Hospital Stay 24 Hours 24-48 hours
Pain (Post-Operative) Low High
Recovery Time 7-15 Days 30 to 45 Days
Recurrence Low High
Complication Low High