Open Surgery vs Laparoscopic Surgery

October 17, 2018

With the advent of technology, conventional operations and techniques are being replaced with modern minimally invasive techniques. These developments have led to the bridging of large gaps between the treatment and recovery time.

In laparoscopy, small incisions are made near the abdomen or the pelvis area and an instrument known as laparoscope which has a tiny camera attached at its mouth is inserted to look at the organs inside the body. Laparoscopy technique provides a better view of the organs to the doctor without the need of an open surgery.

Laparoscopy has changed the face of the medical industry. With the added advantages of laparoscopy, it has entered various fields of surgery and is highly competitive. Laparoscopy has demonstrated better post-surgery outcomes than open operations but the debate remains the same whether laparoscopy is better than open-surgery or not.

Post-Operative Pain

Any kind of treatment or surgery is associated with pain and requires after-care and recovery. However, laparoscopy comes with less post-operative pain and is much more comfortable. As open surgery like any large surgery requires large and bigger incisions, it takes time to heal them. On the contrary, laparoscopy involves small incisions therefore, the pain is less and so is the recovery time. Introduction of advanced laparoscopy has come as bane for patients. They can resume with their normal routine much sooner after the surgery.

Fewer Complications

Laparoscopy technique involves smaller incisions, therefore the blood lost during the operation is lesser than in traditional surgery. As the amount of bleeding is less, the need for blood transfusion is also less. The incisions made during such surgery are so small that the internal organs are not exposed to any kind of risk of contamination or infection. This allows risk-free treatment.

Operational Length

Laparoscopy as compared to open surgery takes more time to perform. This is due to the technicalities involved in it. As laparoscopy offers a limited area to perform the operation, high level expertise and precision is required to perform laparoscopy. However, laparoscopy guarantees shorter hospital stay and recovery time. The patient is discharged almost the same day as the surgery and can get back to his old routine faster.

Any surgery comes with its pros and cons. At times it is possible that the candidate may not be suitable for laparoscopy or an open surgery is a better option for the kind of treatment required. Still, Laparoscopy is like a blessing for all the patients and should be availed to the maximum possible. Professionals at V HeLP Laser Clinic backed with the latest technologies and machines have been carrying out laparoscopic surgery for years now. Book your appointment now to receive the best laser treatment.

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