Laser treatment: A right choice for hemorrhoids recovery

April 24, 2017

Are you experiencing piles? And want to mitigate from the bothersome and painful signs of the hemorrhoids? Then book an appointment with Dr. Hemendra and live happy & healthy life for the rest of the years.

Some of the daily habits like diet, exercises, etc. contribute to the piles or hemorrhoids. The additional pressure on the lower body parts like abdomen, rectum ruptures the blood vessels.

As per the current knowledge, piles is the awkward and worst condition affecting the thousands of lives daily across the globe. Although neutralizing hemorrhoids is feasible and does not require routine health checkups, which eliminates the feeling of embarrassment.

The procedures like hemorrhoidectomy, sclerotherapy, rubber band ligation and laser. It is tough to finalize the treatment for the piles, especially when there are a lot of surgical options are available.

Although the laser is most preferred and convenient option holds multiple advantages.

Following are the few reasons that explain why the majority of doctors prefer laser treatment for piles rather than conventional methods.

  • Safe and comfortable

Earlier days, piles surgery was dreadful activity due to pain made by the operation. But now laser treatment is much more reliable, and it gives inconsiderable discomfort to the patients. Additionally, it does not produce sparkles, fumes or smog and hence doctors can safely operate the condition.

  • Least blood loss

It is the fruitful advantage of the laser technology. The method blocks the blood vessels without affecting the surrounding tissues. It prevents the unnecessary bleeding.

  • The quick surgical approach

Utmost of the surgeries require more hours to finish and days to weeks for healing. But laser requires very short time slot to complete and heal.

  • Immediate release from hospital

As like that of the traditional procedures, people operated through laser does not need to stay in the hospital for a long time. Instead, the patient can go home after an hour of process completion. It saves the money required for hospitalization.

  • Fast healing

Every surgery takes variable time slot for recovery and proper healing. In laser surgery, the patient also needs some time for complete healing so that he/she can start routine within two or three days.

  • Simple and more comfortable than other surgical procedure

Laser surgery is a lot smoother because it contributes additional control on the process. It requires less significant efforts to put in and gives best results.

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