Indulging In Physical Activity Post Hernia Surgery

November 14, 2018

Surgery, of any kind, involves a lot of care to fasten the recovery process. One should not indulge in any kind of strenuous work post-surgery and should follow maximum rest and care. However, for sports lovers or health enthusiasts, avoiding any form of physical activity for a long time post-surgery can be brutally difficult. Before any taking any major step, consulting a surgeon is the best option available.

With major advancements in the medical science sector, new technologies and techniques of operation have come up. This has made major surgeries, a minimally invasive procedure and decreased complications and post-operative care. Therefore patients are now able to resume to their normal routine much faster, healthier and happier.

But one question that still worries and concerns hernia patients is, whether and when to get back to physical activity or sports post-surgery? After a hernia surgery, whether laparoscopy or open repair, patients can resume back to their physical activity without restriction after diligently following rest and care.

As for any surgery, the post-operative pain is common and unavoidable however with time the pain and the swelling near the groin area will vanish. Here’s a guide on how to recover faster and resume back to sports or physical activity:

Week 1

The patient is expected and advised to not indulge in any kind of work which results in fatigue or straining. In fact, while walking or sitting the patient may feel little pin but it will vanish in 3-4 days’ time. Take leave from work and rest for a week to recover fast, if the pain doesn’t subside, take the prescribed painkillers.

Week 2

One can return to work and can walk much more than before. The pain will start to vanish but the patient is advised to not lift any heavy objects.

Week 4

The patients can now indulge in light activities like running, cycling, and swimming but should avoid lifting very heavy objects. The patient may feel occasional pain, burning and itching, however, these symptoms are not frequent and will vanish with time.

Week 7-8

The patient can fully return to their hard-core gyming or sports activity of any kind. The patient can swing back to thing fully now. They can now enjoy their favourite sports without any restriction or pain.

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