Fissure Treatment

fissure treatment

Anal Fissure Treatment Hospital, Jaipur

V Help Laser Clinic, Jaipur is providing excellent and merciful care for the patients having fissures. Dr. Hemendra is a surgical expert having vast experience in treating anal fissures. He uses modern techniques and tactics to resolve the fissure signs and symptoms. He insist in diet modifications to prevent the Fissure in Ano from occurring in future and he is expert in Laser treatment for fissure.


What is a Fissure?


An anal fissure is the clinical complication develops as a small tear in the anal area. It is the resulting condition occurred due to the repeated discharge of hard stool during bowel action. Fissures or cracks in anal area are painful and occasionally bleed with bowel discharge. The anal tears are usual in newborns and also in persons of any age. Many patients those are having fissures cured without surgery.


Types of Fissure


Fissures are of two different kinds as a chronic fissure and acute fissure.


A chronic fissure: This type of cracks goes more in-depth towards the inner layers and can reoccur after few months

Acute fissures: It develops abruptly and takes more time for recovery.


Fissure Symptoms


Following are the symptoms of an anal fissure:

  • Intense pain during and after the process of stool discharge.
  • Anal skin becomes red and causes irritations to nearby skin.
  • Blood spots on the toilet.
  • One can see the cracks or holes in the anus.


Fissure Causes


Common causes of an anal fissure include:

  • The habit of discharging hard stools.
  • Continuous constipation and strain to pass the stool.
  • Pregnancy or process of childbirth creates cracks in the anus.
  • The anorectal area gets swelled or infected.
  • Minor or significant accidental injuries creates cracks in anorectal area.
  • If the person has infectious diseases.
  • If the blood vessels supply less blood to the anal region.


Fissure Treatments


  • Lateral Internal Anal Sphincterotomy
  • It is the alternative option used when the less invasive method fails to produce useful results.
  • The doctor creates minor cuts in the anal region to loosen the muscle tightness.
  • It enhances the process of healing.


  • Laser treatment:
  • It is a comfortable, modern, convenient and successful method for treatment of fissure.
  • In this, the laser destructs the infected tissue and provides the healing from its baseline.
  • The method treats the anal cracks without affecting the internal sphincter muscle.
  • Now a laser ray is focused on the anal fissure tissue. Due to laser energy, the fissure gets evaporated.


  • Anal Dilation Lord’s Operation or stretching method:
  • It is the conventional method used in the treatment of fissures.
  • During this procedure doctors manually stretch the anal sphincter to reduce the stress.
  • If done in right manner, it gives immediate relief from fissures pain.
  • The process requires general or localized anesthesia.
  • The doctor lubricates the anal area by wearing gloves.
  • With fingers, the doctor gives massage and put pressure on the constricted band of the anus.
  • They continue the process until the tissue stretches and opens slightly to provide reduced pressure overall.
  • It is done to prevent cracking of the anal tissues.
  • With the stretched sphincter muscle, it enlarges and reduces the pressure on the anus.


Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery Instructions


Pre-Surgery Instructions


  • Stay on fasting, i.e., do not eat or drink anything at least for 6 hours of surgery
  • Do not medicine without your surgeon’s opinion
  • If you feel the raised temperature, or redness around the anal skin or blood from the incision, you can get in touch with your surgeon


Post-Surgery Instructions


  • Use only the prescribed pain medications and take them just for a limited period.
  • Try sitz baths by using warm water
  • Take moderate level of water and food
  • Perform routine exercises
  • Keep the surgical area clean and dry
  • Use hand showers to clean the anal area after each bowel discharge
  • Rough toilet tissues create skin irritations or rashes


The above information will help you to understand the anal fissure. If you or anybody from your family has the anal clefts, then you can contact V HeLP Laser Clinic, Jaipur to receive outstanding care.


Advantages of Laser Treatment for Fissure over Conventional Surgical Methods

Main Feature Laser Surgical Procedure
Patient Hospital Stay 24 Hours 24-48 hours
Pain (Post-Operative) Low High
Recovery Time 3 Days 7 to 15 Days
Recurrence Low High
Complication Low High